Running Around Town with Natalie!


I mentioned as walking out the door, “I’m gonna go run around town with Natalie for a bit and see what we get before it gets dark!” Natalie warned me that I might get into trouble doing something like that!

She wasn’t far off….considering in about an hour we tried to jump some fences, trespassed at the Bull Pen (the red wall lured me in) and we were even caught playing in the streets just as cops decided to roll by!

None the least, I didn’t scare her away but instead charmed her with my dorkyness!

 It was a very fun session, and I was very glad to work with Natalie and The Bold Mohawk.



GoofinBull Pen 2


Branching Out – Let’s See How I Like Sports Photography

Sports photography always looked pretty simple to me, as long as I would have the right gear of course. My photog friend, aka MASTER of sports photography :), aka Erik Shelkun, was so nice to let me join him for this Men’s basketball game, Dayton Flyers VS. Temple Owls! It was a really close game! 72 Owls and 71 Flyers!

I learned a few things:
Basketball photograpahy is much, much faster than I thought it would be!
Watching a basketball game is much better down on the court, behind a camera, while almost getting trampled by the ref and hit with the basketball!
The reason I want the Canon L series 200mm lens MUCH clearer now! … my photos would be, had I had one. I experienced quite a bit of shutter lag with my Tamron 200mm, which resulted in a lot of blurry photos that I could not keep!
A 70-200mm is not necessary and actually pretty tough when sitting under the hoop. I definitley didn’t think I would use my 24-105mm at all, but my favorite action shots actually resulted from that lens!
All in all, it was a great experience, and I definitley want to try it again!

Here are some of my favorite shots from Sunday’s game!



Flyers Vs Owls












A Combination of the Things We Love – A Project for a friend


One day while rummaging through the suddenly overwhelming garbage on Craigslist, (if you have used this as one of your resources for work, you know what I mean here), I finally came across a makeup artist looking for a photographer who would also retouch their work. Maria immediately suggested that we meet to discuss our plans.

On this day, a new team was becoming a reality. After some conversation about our interests and plans in the fashion industry, I realized that we had found each other! Little did I know I was even looking for her! lol
This photo that we created together last night was reassuring proof, as this was our very first project together and look what we did!
Maria had a vision: she wanted to combine her love for dance and makeup into a photograph. Hence the location, the dance studio she teaches at.
After a few models, a few looks, and some light experiments, I was beginning to feel too restrained by my narrow backdrop choice for this fashion shoot. I took a few photos including the lighting set up placed in the middle of the dance floor, after we told Rischia (the fabulous model pictured here) to STRUT of course!
I then saw some magic start to occur on my camera’s LCD screen! I told everyone to get out of the mirror so I could capture this! Fashion, makeup and dance…all in one photo for Maria. 🙂
I will post a few more highlights from our shoot this weekend!

Am I a Blogger? To be or not to be…

One day it’s a GREAT IDEA….wow, I am sooo clever – The next few days, not so much….I’ve changed my mind already.

I started a blog, made a great first post, a few weeks later I never posted another post.

I started another blog, made another great post, a few weeks later….never posted another post.

I started a third blog, this blog, and a few days later….posts are floating around in my head and in Evernote, never making it to the actual blog.

Will my post relate to my blog? Will people find this interesting? Is this for me or a potential audience? The first day of my blog is about my extremely random photography interests, the next day I feel like posting about my new diet? Should this just be a personal blog? Will that help to commit to a daily posting?

Ok…..ok, I am making a post with photos at least once a week. So I have until tomorrow! I am wishing me luck. 😛

The time has come; my personal photography blog is born!

I have spent years, yes…..years….. trying to find my identity in this photography themed life I have created for myself. With every photo and every idea, it simply gets more and more mind boggling.

Many hours have gone by just contemplating things such as, “One blog? Two blogs? One website? Two websites? Only the top five? How about my top 20? Would that be too many, too little? What about all the photos in between? But the most challenging decision of it all was, “how do I categorize all this randomness that I capture?”

Still haven’t quite sorted that one out completely, business wise, but at least I have now found a place where I will speak my mind photographically! And honestly, most importantly, my photos won’t hide, neglected in the dark unknown of my computer, not being appreciated by…well…. not even myself! What a crime….what a terrible crime I have committed.

So, welcome to my photography blog, A Smorgasbord Visionary! I intend to share how I see my world through this blog while honing in on my photojournalism skills. I foresee myself developing more of a relationship with my photographs and potentially converting this body of work, or maybe a portion of it, into one of my future photo books!

Anyway, here’s to sharing with the world, appreciating my own work and to starting my personal anti-neglect initiative!