Am I a Blogger? To be or not to be…

One day it’s a GREAT IDEA….wow, I am sooo clever – The next few days, not so much….I’ve changed my mind already.

I started a blog, made a great first post, a few weeks later I never posted another post.

I started another blog, made another great post, a few weeks later….never posted another post.

I started a third blog, this blog, and a few days later….posts are floating around in my head and in Evernote, never making it to the actual blog.

Will my post relate to my blog? Will people find this interesting? Is this for me or a potential audience? The first day of my blog is about my extremely random photography interests, the next day I feel like posting about my new diet? Should this just be a personal blog? Will that help to commit to a daily posting?

Ok…..ok, I am making a post with photos at least once a week. So I have until tomorrow! I am wishing me luck. 😛


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