A Combination of the Things We Love – A Project for a friend


One day while rummaging through the suddenly overwhelming garbage on Craigslist, (if you have used this as one of your resources for work, you know what I mean here), I finally came across a makeup artist looking for a photographer who would also retouch their work. Maria immediately suggested that we meet to discuss our plans.

On this day, a new team was becoming a reality. After some conversation about our interests and plans in the fashion industry, I realized that we had found each other! Little did I know I was even looking for her! lol
This photo that we created together last night was reassuring proof, as this was our very first project together and look what we did!
Maria had a vision: she wanted to combine her love for dance and makeup into a photograph. Hence the location, the dance studio she teaches at.
After a few models, a few looks, and some light experiments, I was beginning to feel too restrained by my narrow backdrop choice for this fashion shoot. I took a few photos including the lighting set up placed in the middle of the dance floor, after we told Rischia (the fabulous model pictured here) to STRUT of course!
I then saw some magic start to occur on my camera’s LCD screen! I told everyone to get out of the mirror so I could capture this! Fashion, makeup and dance…all in one photo for Maria. 🙂
I will post a few more highlights from our shoot this weekend!

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