Branching Out – Let’s See How I Like Sports Photography

Sports photography always looked pretty simple to me, as long as I would have the right gear of course. My photog friend, aka MASTER of sports photography :), aka Erik Shelkun, was so nice to let me join him for this Men’s basketball game, Dayton Flyers VS. Temple Owls! It was a really close game! 72 Owls and 71 Flyers!

I learned a few things:
Basketball photograpahy is much, much faster than I thought it would be!
Watching a basketball game is much better down on the court, behind a camera, while almost getting trampled by the ref and hit with the basketball!
The reason I want the Canon L series 200mm lens MUCH clearer now! … my photos would be, had I had one. I experienced quite a bit of shutter lag with my Tamron 200mm, which resulted in a lot of blurry photos that I could not keep!
A 70-200mm is not necessary and actually pretty tough when sitting under the hoop. I definitley didn’t think I would use my 24-105mm at all, but my favorite action shots actually resulted from that lens!
All in all, it was a great experience, and I definitley want to try it again!

Here are some of my favorite shots from Sunday’s game!



Flyers Vs Owls













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